That Sword

You are such a clean steel instrument.
Silent and true.
Wrapped with cloth tight and firm
A wooden handle at the hilt.

Nothing blunt in your appearance.
Slender as you are in style.
A creation like no other.
You will not be still.

You are my sword.
I'll live by your code.
It has become my oath.

You are majestic.
Valiant my virtue.
your strength confides in us both.

You are my sword,
hammered steel so beautiful
Honor and truth will be my life.
Perseverance I'll get from you.

Capitalize This.

Time to do away with hate and fame.

It’s not like we’re exactly, the same.

Do I want the world to know my name?

Would I rather waive or pay?

It’s what’s going on today.

Resources are free and even if I paid,

why is the profit so great?

The more I want, the more I have.

It seems that greed has taken a path.

It’s time to hesitate, slow the pace,

get what I need, and greed should dissipate.

This I pray.

If everyone did things this way.

There will always be something to save.

I’ll save the Earth, I’ll save the trees,

I’ll do this all while smoking weed.

I’ll save the money that I make

by not overpaying for a slice of cake.

I make less for my pocket.

It’s all for your profit.

So just stop it.

Bloggers bogers.

I will make this short and sweet. There is no reason to blog about what other people do and why. Everyone has their own motivation and mental crisis. Tell me why you do it better than 18 others. Tell me why 20 of your stories are better. You can’t imagine why I am motivated or depressed. Nor can you begin to fathom where I am going in life.

A true blogger Rafael Gonzalez. My blog is all about me to you, even if you are not here. Go figure.

Castles in the sand.

Days at the beaches.

I’ve spent many of days, nights, weekends, at the beach. Some of the best times I have had, were at the beach. I’ve been to beaches in Cali. FL. NY. Mex, Centr Amer, and PR. I have met an amazing amount of people during my short stay-cays at the beach. Stay-Cays, I use it because every time, I am at the beach, I tend to forget about everything. Until I engage in conversation. Which was always started because of my sandcastles.

There were times that just kids would be around me, watching with amazed beady eyes, waiting for me to finish, so they can stomp on and about my pile of decorated sand. No, seriously. I was a bit perturbed when it first happened, but it’s not like I am actually going to grab those kids by the ankles and toss them in the water. As much as I really wanted to. Nope I just said oh well I’ll make another. They are just kids being kids.

I have made a few other carvings in the sand and a few statues also. I met a certain family from England once at the beach in Surfside, Fl. Those kids were the bomb. Their accents alone topped with their tone of voices was just the most adorable I had heard. Their pleas of carving a Dolphin, A turtle, A shark, A gator, and a Horse. Were done, of all, the horse was the only one lying down on it’s side. I just couldn’t get it to stand. lol.

An early morning day at the beach.

The ocean so grand in front of me.

I stare out to sea to feel my muse

I clear my mind for creative views.

I look around the Ocean’s shore,

Searching through the sandy floor.

A quest for tools that I can take,

For the Sandcastle I can make.

An ice cream stick, a straw, a spoon.

I’ll make my creation very soon. .

I’ll make this Sandcastle for all to see.

Then walk away like it wasn’t me.

Those kids were just ecstatic with all the sand-carvings they requested made. Their happy little faces kept me smiling for a few days there after. I have met such a large eclectic group of people at the beaches of many. Dates, newly found friends, and yes even competition, when there wasn’t a competition to begin with. Nor was it competition quite a few times. Even if the Judges were drunk. lol

But really! No story comes to mind more during my times at the beach, than the one that got me kicked off the beach, that Saturday afternoon.

It was hot. As it always is in, south fl. My sisters, my bro-in-law, and nieces and nephews, spend this one of many days enjoying the beach. I am swimming about and plunging underwater, searching for those nice little cold spots I tend to find as I hold my breath and swim along the ocean floor. During a moment of coming up for air, I noticed a Coast Guard heli flying low, and near by. I reach the surface of the water and maintain my position. I am pretty far out and I see a diver jump out of the heli, not too far from me.

At that moment I turn around and face the shore to see who else is close or seeing this. As I do I notice the lifeguard has been trying or is trying to get my attention. Then the heli gives me notice to exit the water by way of its loudspeaker. I then look over to where the diver jumped in the water and to my astonished surprise a very large Stingray passes a few feet in front of me. Excited as I am, I dive in and try to swim up to the Stingray. I got the feeling the CG didn’t like that much because the heli came down closer.

As I was swimming under water I could see three fairly large stingray swimming in a group. This must be what all the fuss is about. I look up to the heli and try to yell it’s only Stingrays. They point to the shore as if to tell me to look that way. Sure enough it looks like the life guards are getting ready to come get me, so I swim back to shore. The LGs were not very happy and at first they seemed to be ready to yell but I guess they see me walking out of the water and just tell me to vacate the beach for I am banned for the day…

I know you are there.

Chino 61 02/15/2019

Watch over me dear Mother of mine.
And to my Dad also in Heaven by her side. 
Watch over me biological Father of mine.
I too hope you’re Standing, to their side. 
Watch over me dear little Sister of mine.
And to my cousins who are in Heaven too.
Watch over me Aunts and Uncles of mine.
Watch over me please as I believe you do.

And to my best friend, that is not here.
I know You’re in Heaven Watching me from there.
My Grandparents are also in Heaven too.
Along with Guys and Girls, I once knew.

Another Birthday is coming close.
Five decades and three years to boast.
Friends and Family will come and go.
New Kin born. New people to know.
Watch over me as I move along.
I know you are there and it keeps me strong. 
Watch over me now Family and Friends of mine.
I will one day watch with you in my coming time.

Good at saying goodbye

Chino Sixtyone

January 26 · 

I see you there walking next to me.
Comforting me. Passing the blunt. 
I see you there calling out to me.
Frantically, during my stunt.
I saw you there yesterday. 
And yes, It was easy to say Goodbye.
I see you there in your plot. 
Headstone on top. In loving memory.
I see you there smiling at me.
Watching over me. I grieve.
I see you there in Heaven above.
With the ones I love. God’s calling.
And yes, it was easy to say goodbye. 
Loss of loved ones was many for me.
Lots of Friends. Lots of Family.
My heart carries all their joy. All their love.
All that’s given from God above.
All we’ve shared. All we’ve seen.
Is forever in my heart and memories.
And that’s why I am good at saying goodbye.